Love stinks 😷By Sparkle X

Love and why I feel like it’s been put in my face so much but is there only one aspect of love… can we only be in love with another human, Can you only feel love if another human gives it to you.

I feel like the pressure is so in your face these days, growing up I fell in love with music, movies, fashion, animals, chocolate but because it’s not another human I can’t talk about that I can’t just appreciate those things.

Nooo ! you have to have the love and affection from another human being to have valid feelings in this world.

But What if you don’t like other humans ? you get anxiety around others, you have trust issues is that person going to be unhappy all their lives.

Nooo! that person can still love traveling love online gaming, that person can love to rescue animals and saving lives. That person can love blogging or making YouTube videos that could connect them with others around the world.

Is it only acceptable to hear the word I love you when your in a monogamous/ dating relationships or can some people just really be in love with things, themselves or just loving from a far.

Growing up hearing things like there’s no love like a mother’s love, you sort of have those lingering thoughts growing up, what if I can’t have babies or what if I never want kids. Will I never be able to give that kind of love to someone.

Then you have marriage which I think is a beautiful thing but you have those lingering thoughts in your head, of hearing married couples saying love don’t live here no more, or we stayed together for the kids, or marriage is not about love it’s about money.

Who remembers that song the stepmom had about love 😩 Cinderella staring Brandy Norwood

So my thoughts are can a person just be in love without being so specific?

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    1. I like that Lillian… thanks for reading love stinks 😊 do you remember that movie smh now alll kind of memories is coming up lol


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