The fear of the Rope

By Sparkle X

The fear of the ROPE Vol 22

As I sit in the park waiting for my turn to jump double dutch something I have always wanted to be good at but always so scared of doing.

I think it was more of a fear of getting hit by the rope I was afraid of… even as a young girl I didn’t want to mess up this chocolate skin …

However my turn was next and I was so nervous, there was different age groups surrounding the park, and even though no one was not looking directly at me, I knew when it was my turn everyone will.

Then my overthinking started the anxiety flaring in my throat, the heavy breathing, the thought of getting in that rope was making me a little light headed and I knew I was going to give up, run away, lose to the fear of the rope.

Someone inside of me said don’t give up don’t run away repeatedly screaming at me almost threatening me. As I stood my ground and started to swing my body side by side to the rhythm of the rope. Trying not to get hit and hurt and laughed at.

“Oh no the overthinking is starting up again”

When I finally made it in the middle and started moving my feet to the rhythm of the rope … I felt alive ok maybe a little dramatic.

That feeling when I finally landed in that combination of rope movements, moved these feet up and down left and right. I stopped overthinking and now all the moves I previously seen from other kids was mesmerized in my mind and I started to accomplish something that I was afraid of and it felt good.

I was so excited that I forgot where I was for a moment the euphoria of the cheering and my body movements lifted me up literally, Up off my feet, up out the rope and up into the clouds above.

I waved at some pigeons as I passed by them. I sat on a L shaped cloud throne that smiled when I appeared delighted to have me near.

And then reality set in and the cloud turned into a frown, the pigeons was no longer happy to see me and my legs was now entangled with the rope.

My Elbow bruised and sounds of laughter being heard from every angle. I was down and all I could do was laugh.

The shame of the fall didn’t ruin me, the OVERTHINKING monster that lurks beneath me didn’t come back out, the other girl next to me helped me up as we laughed together and started to jump again.


Thanks for reading The fear of the Rope this was dedicated to those that are always overthinking and giving up because you feel you can’t do something, JUST DO IT 😯

Have you ever fell while jumping rope? And did you get up and try again or did you just give up?

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