Women empowerment

My thoughts are always going to be different because I write how I observe the world around me and not just what’s happening in my own bubble.

With that being said Women empowerment mmmm gives me side eye vibes especially when I see to many women tearing each other down.

Women are turning into these masculine types that likes to insult a females appearance would rather fight and argue and leave no room for friendship growth and improvement.

Because she’s married she looks down on other women because their not. Because she has kids she makes you feel like your selfish because you don’t.

Most of the women I do see uplifting each other have been “besties” for long periods of time So there’s more loyalty there.

But if you don’t have that “friend since the sand box days” relationship with another female then you can just expect rudeness jealousy, envy, no real support and sneak disses.

I also feel like If there’s any form of competition or male gaze then most women will not be around you. They don’t want to look at you or talk to you.

Then you have those women that only uplift women that they will never meet, have to spend hundreds of dollars to see in a crowd of other people. Those women are great at making women of celebrity status feel more important then a women she actually knows.

So the term women empowerment who gets to feel that love that support that respect the childhood friend or the famous celebrity??

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