Lunch Date

Written by Sparkle X

Location New York City

Chapter A

Hey Henry wait up, I wanted to know if you would like to go have lunch with me. Henry immediately says yes sparkle of course and we go to our favorite spot the guacamole castle. He asks me how’s my day going, as he’s pulling out my chair so I can sit like the gentleman he is. I smile and say thank you, like the lady I am and proceeded to tell him about my messy morning, he giggles and we start to look over the menu.

The waitress comes over with her slim figure bronzed skin and moisturized Afro. looking beautiful as ever and asks in a very southern accent, what will you two be having. As we both give our order and hand the waitress back the menu, we both look at each other smile and say where is she from with an accent like that.

The end

Thanks for reading Lunch Date

By Sparkle X

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