I want Privacy and I need it now

Well hey friend and welcome to another blog of she has things to say

Sooo I was reading this post on Quora about a mom wanting her teenage daughter bedroom door to remain open at all times. And even though I don’t have kids and possibly don’t want any this is probably why.

I know what it’s like to want privacy in your own home to just not want prying eyes passing your bedroom being nosy and just all in your little space. If you ever grew up with siblings you can understand a persons frustration with needing privacy.

I also know that young females start to develop menstrual cycles in their teenage years and that alone is a need for privacy. I remember when I first seen what it’s like to be a “real lady ” as I was told even though I had no idea what was happening to me.

No one tells you before hand “oh yeah you might be bleeding from down below one day”

All the females and women I have grown up and lived with not one of them told me about this feeling of disgust. These cramps this new extra layer you have to strap on all your thinking is why me.

I say all that to say this leave your young daughters alone if she need some privacy let her have it. Also please teach your girls about preparing for her cycle to come and what ways she can still be feminine and clean, and not so self conscious about her new layer down below.

What are your thoughts. Do you have a daughter? Are you teaching her about menstrual cycles and that it’s going to come no matter what? do you make sure they get privacy?

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