Its my hair not your problem… Vol 1

I am not my hair…

I am not this skin..

I am the soul that lives within…

Hair is apart of a lot of our lives some have long hair, some are bold, some have alopecia, some have short hair, some people are very hairy and can’t stop growing hair.

Then there’s me I should be in all those categories I listed above except for alopecia that has to be one of the worse medical conditions a person can have, but I do think my legs can get very hairy 🥺

I recently seen a movie about a women dealing with alopecia and it made me so sad I would love to interview someone that grew up with that medical condition.

Well back to me I am obsessed with hair and I blame my dad for my bad obsession ( I mean don’t we all blame our parents for everything) when my hair frizzed up because of humidity or rain showers guess who had to get their hair redone me.

Now that I’m writing about this he definitely was more obsessed then I was, his whole thing was never leave the house not groomed. Maybe I need to interview him as well and ask why he was so obsessed with hair.

So after years of that I kind of had that thought process, I wouldn’t take pics unless my hair was done, I would spend my last just to get my hair done, I would not leave the house unless it was done. I was obsessed and didn’t even realize it.

Obsession comes in all categories and this was one of mine. I am happy to say that my obsession with my hair has subsided a lot, I blame it on adulting lol I don’t have time to obsess.

What are your thoughts on hair? Have you ever known someone with alopecia? Let’s chat

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