I don’t have daddy issues you do 🤨

I don’t have daddy issues vol 1 🙃

Yup she sure does 😉

When we speak of daddy issues we only associate that term or phrase to fit the description of a female.

And it’s come to my recollection that both genders can go without a father so wouldn’t both have these issues.

When in reality young males grow up without the love and affection as well from their father and those kinds of issues runs far more deep and could be deadly.

I have known many men that never met their father have an awful relationship with their dad and just have no kind of connection there.

I’m not a male so I can’t speak on what that must feel like growing up and not getting that fatherly attention you needed and deserved. That kind of father figure voice you needed to hear so you can learn how to respect others, be kind to others, love your self and most importantly a supportive father figure.

But I do know we need to shine more light to topics like this. I’m tired of females being the butt of a joke when the situation is bigger then us.

I wrote my whole blog then found this pic on google 😌

Thoughts comments or concerns 😌

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