Childhood Memories vol 1

She has things to say just remembered a childhood memory and I’m actually very happy to share with you.

As a young girl my mother was big on summer camps and family camps she also grew up herself attending them so she knew it would be safe. I knew my mom was happy when we went away to summer camp it was a vacation for my siblings and for her ( big shout out to the fresh air fund)

Have your ever been a fresh air fund kid😊
Where a kid can be a kid 😊

I love the fact that I was able to get out my comfort zone, however that first bus ride away from home, away from my neighborhood friends, my parents the family pet. This moment was very scary for me and I was nervous.

However getting on that bus and seeing those kids that was like me scared and nervous, seeing the camp and then slowly forgetting those fears and how happy I was for breaking away from my comfort zone.

Summer camp was The first place I went horse back riding.

camping in the woods.

learning how to make a fire, it also taught me team work and leadership. I love that being there helped me become more creative and try new things at such an early age.

Even the songs was memorable and I still sing them till this day. Boom 💥 chicka 💥boom chicka rocker chicka 💥boom

Camp was the first place I learned how to make a bowl/cup out of clay.

how to use colorful string and make different designs.

Those was good times and I would always remember those joyous moments.

If you been to summer camps most of your childhood zip lining becomes a breeze 😊

Have you ever went to summer camp? What kind of positive experiences do you remember?

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