As a kid I have always been a talker

As a kid I have always been a talker and a writer I think I’m great at keeping someone engaged in conversation. So I decided to combine the things I love to do and a few others and started a blog.

The thought of Blogging did make me a bit nervous because I’m sharing all of me to the world, but I figure someone in this world can use a little sparkle.

Why do this?

  • I’m blogging because I need a balance in my life, I want to explore more and will love to share that with others.
  • I am shy at times but very opinionated I can be an introvert at times but also very out going.
  • I also want to relate more to all the loners in the world that don’t have tons of friends or don’t want any and still like to get out their comfort zone.

I hope to not bore you with my blog and to always keep it relate-able fun and exciting. Hint I would like for you to come back for more

Just a few secrets about me as well as future inspirations.

  • Of course I could have just wrote in a journal but what fun is that.
  • I’m going to talk about fashion, the men, body image, sisterhood and more.
  • I hope to connect with Women not little girls Men not little boys.
  • Speaking to the universe that I hope that my blog becomes successful within a year so that I can collaborate with other vendors entrepreneurs black business owners and finally get a book published.
Xoxo Sparkle Girl 

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